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Trolling for Sponsors

Salmon’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race attracted some serious endurance athletes. Don’t get me wrong, these were extremely nice people, but then again when you routinely run the risk of having a heart attack of losing other bodily functions in front of a crowd, it sort of makes sense to be nice, […]
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Lost Riders Escape Disco Hill Unscathed

Thanks to all of you who encouraged the Lost Riders in their endurance mountain bike racing team debut. The race — 12 Hours of Disco — brought in dozens of riders from around the area, many of them more prepared than we were. When I say prepared, I mean physically prepared. We were by far […]
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Originally posted on Northlands Medical Clinic Team Blog:
Cypress Hill Climb- Report from newest  team member Kristina Bagma   How much pain can you handle?   That was the question I was asking myself on the morning of the Glotman Simpson Cypress Hill Climb.  It was actually the question I was asking myself all week.  “Was…

Bike Simulator

The thing that motivates the Lost Riders to train the most is the fear of needing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by our neighbors. Podunk is a small town so there’s a 97% chance the EMT would be someone we know or a cousin, and that’s just awkward. So when Her Royal Highness’ hockey career took the fam […]
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Pedal Driven

The training continues for the Lost Riders of Discovery Hill. There’s only 2 weeks before Salmon’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race so my team is hot on the training trail. This is not us: On Friday, 3 of the 4 of us even went to go see some mountain bike movies with […]
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Rising to the Disco Challenge

When my best friend suggested we enter a sanctioned mountain bike race, I was a tad on the reluctant side. There were a lot of flaws in her scheme starting with we are not mountain bike racers. The race — 12 Hours of Disco — indicated to me that we would have to ride our […]
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