I was feeling great about my training regimen for this Saturday’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race. I found jerseys for the Lost Riders, made an inspirational music playlist for our iPods, and started carbo loading weeks ago (the Iron Chef made spaghetti carbonara last night with freshly picked morels and house-cured guanciale — hog jowl to the podunks). Then I came across this blog post, and I became fearful that a platter of homemade Mac and Cheese with extra cheese might not be enough…

Northlands Medical Clinic Team Blog

Cypress Hill Climb-

Report from newest  team member Kristina Bagma


How much pain can you handle?


That was the question I was asking myself on the morning of the
Glotman Simpson Cypress Hill Climb.  It
was actually the question I was asking myself all week.  “Was I physically and mentally prepared to
not only push myself into the pain zone, but could I  force myself to stay there for 40, 45, 50


A race that involves only one mountain – from the bottom to the
top – definitely requires strength.  But
when it really comes down to it – you need to be mentally prepared to hold
yourself in total physical pain -for the entire time – if you want to finish
fast.    For the entire week before the
event, I was nervous because I am never really sure if I am mentally capable of
forcing myself…

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