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Meet the Cyborgs

I spent the last week of September with my parents — the Notorious Babs and Big L — in Sun Valley. These avid world travelers nabbed a condo for a week in one of our family’s special places and I shimmied over the Trail Creek Road, a unique portal that connects Central Idaho with shi-shi-la-la […]
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Full Suspension — Mattress

I apologize, gentle Podunk readers, for my lengthy absence. I have legitimately been on several “special assignments” that have distracted me from documenting my daily absurdity. As always, I pledge to do better, with no real conviction that will be true. But since you asked, on one of these special assignments, a longtime friend and […]
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Editor’s note: Podunk frequently solicits guest blogs, but rarely do I get takers. So please join me as we warmly welcome the Fixer, who shares his harrowing eye witness account of … stuff. Gentle and especially loyal readers may remember the Fixer from the Argentina Adventure Episode 11. During May and June this year, Mother […]
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Can’t Hurt to Try

The morning started off the way many Saturday mornings have started — my sidekick Lucy and I check in to see how the rest of our day can fit around one of our outings. When I read Lucy’s text, “Can’t hurt to try it,” I had a moment of self preservation when I thought about […]
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Year 4 of the Lemhi Valley Century

Saturday’s Lemhi Valley Century Ride served as a good reminder for a lot of things. 1.  If given two options: a) ride 100 miles on Highway 28 with 35 of those miles being a long grind up a 7200 foot summit, or b) ride 65 miles on the supposedly downhill stretch and pretend you know […]
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Trolling for sponsors 2.0 — BackBrat I need you!

Tomorrow my sidekick Lucy and I will bicycle the Lemhi Valley Century Ride together again. Two things remain the same this year: 1) Lucy and I have no sponsors, and 2) Iron Chef refuses to join us. Thanks to gentle reader Chucky T for suggesting this possible solution to both problems. Backbrat is a design […]
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A Century to Ride

The Lemhi Valley Century Ride has become something of a family tradition. It’s the one time all year Her Royal Highness rides her bike and the only time I ride mine on pavement. For the past 2 years, we’ve ridden from Gilmore Summit to Salmon (about 100 kilometers –a metric century — thank you Canada) […]
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Trolling for Sponsors

Salmon’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race attracted some serious endurance athletes. Don’t get me wrong, these were extremely nice people, but then again when you routinely run the risk of having a heart attack of losing other bodily functions in front of a crowd, it sort of makes sense to be nice, […]
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Lost Riders Escape Disco Hill Unscathed

Thanks to all of you who encouraged the Lost Riders in their endurance mountain bike racing team debut. The race — 12 Hours of Disco — brought in dozens of riders from around the area, many of them more prepared than we were. When I say prepared, I mean physically prepared. We were by far […]
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Originally posted on Northlands Medical Clinic Team Blog:
Cypress Hill Climb- Report from newest  team member Kristina Bagma   How much pain can you handle?   That was the question I was asking myself on the morning of the Glotman Simpson Cypress Hill Climb.  It was actually the question I was asking myself all week.  “Was…