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Pedal Driven

The training continues for the Lost Riders of Discovery Hill. There’s only 2 weeks before Salmon’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race so my team is hot on the training trail. This is not us:

On Friday, 3 of the 4 of us even went to go see some mountain bike movies with our friends from SIMBA — the Salmon Idaho Mtn Bike Association.

We watched a cool flick called Pedal Driven. We watched people doing things like this:

After watching the film, we decided our 7:30 a.m. Saturday ride sounded mighty early, and we called it off. Sadly, we forgot to tell our 4th team member, Zephyr. So when Zephyr called from Disco Hill a little before 8 a.m., I hustled to the hill sans coffee or a water bottle. The good news is we pulled off a slightly abbreviated but super fun ride, even if I did do it in my pajama pants.

And I realized that Pedal Driven had done the trick. Inspired by that film’s reckless and acrobatic riders, I let go of the brakes a time or two. I might have even gotten a little air. A really small amount of air.

K-Dog and Lucy, our teammates, went all academic on us and took a ladies bike clinic Saturday a.m. and then went riding with the instructors, teacher’s pets that they are.

Two more weeks of training — know of any more good bike movies?

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5 thoughts on “Pedal Driven

  1. chukt on said:

    This Saturday is the second installment of the Bike Clinic. Will you be there?

    Thanks for you eloquence at the Mtb Film Night!! The words I prepared fell into a pit of nervousness.

    • chukt,

      “The words I prepared fell into a pit of nervousness.” — That’s a great line; I hope you don’t mind if I use it some time.

      • chukt on said:

        My agent requires that you sign a commission report and release form. But heck with that guy Cindy.

  2. chukt on said:

    This short films shown were from Filme Von Draussen. I bet you can find something there to fill your stoke tank…


  3. chukt on said:

    This Saturday is the second of the Bike Clinics. Will you be there this time?

    Also, thanks for your eloquence at the Mtb Film Night!! My prepared words fell into a pit of nerves.

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