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Podunk Meets Paradise Re-Boot

I started this blog in 2012 when I happened upon an atrocious review of my beloved Salmon, Idaho. The first post was my attempt at introducing readers to our hometown. Over the next few years, I made observations about this place, my family, our travels, our music…anything that I felt could benefit from just a […]
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We Need More Crime in Podunk

My fellow citizens, if it were not for stray animals and hallucinations, we would have no need for a police force. Judging from the newspaper, we in Podunk are “undercrimed.”

Kayaking Crimes in Podunk

Yoga pants, yoga schmantz, we’re trying to make kayaking a crime right here in River City.

Cold Muthas Rub Out the Icy Hots

Podunk’s premiere ladies hockey team, the Cold Muthas, accepted a challenge to play the Idaho Falls Icy Hots last night. I’m pleased to say that we were able to raise the victory flag with a convincing 4-3 win. The win was “convincing” because we were playing with a dirty goalie, a 14-year-old replacing her night’s […]
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