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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 15 1/2

Ok, now that we’re back in North America and making our way back home, someone has some splaining to do. We haven’t even been gone for 3 weeks, and a few things seem off. First, who was supposed to be feeding and watering the stock market? Not cool! Second, someone shrunk the wine bottles. This […]
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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 15

We arrived in Miami after the 10 pm curfew, so hungry dreams of Cuban takeout turned into a hotel convenience store Lean Cuisine, and a faceplant into the soft American bed. Chef had found us a way to get back to Bozeman Saturday night but it meant an early start. I was too tired to […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Lucky Episode 13

On Wednesday, March 25, we decided to chance an outing to the market. We hadn’t left the inn since we got here on Sunday. We needed the fresh air and a few vegetables aside from the green olives and pickled eggplant might cheer us, we thought. We got two blocks away before the popo stopped […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Episode 4

If you are new to the Argentina Adventure, oddly enough, it begins with Episode 3. From San Carlos de Bariloche, we headed north for the guided fishing part of our excursion in Junín de lis Andes. With our intrepid guide Gustavo, we fished the Malleo River at the foot of Lanín Volcano in Lanín National […]
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I Resolve No Resolutions

I’ll be glad when January is here and New Year’s Resolutions aren’t taking up so much airspace. Yeah, maybe I’m a little jumpy. I’ve had some experiences where the Universe hears me being all resolute about something, or making pledges, and decides to mess with me. I’ve learned my lesson. January of 2018, for example, […]
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Bonfire of the Non-Vanities

One of my favorite things about living in Salmon is the fashion scene. Take, for instance, the New Year’s Eve nightclub fashion dilemmas faced by my urban friends. Fortunately, Esquire can offer suggestions for classic staples such as these: Hot little numbers for the ladies include: But Iron Chef and I had made the A-List […]
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Podunk Meets Paradise Re-Boot

I started this blog in 2012 when I happened upon an atrocious review of my beloved Salmon, Idaho. The first post was my attempt at introducing readers to our hometown. Over the next few years, I made observations about this place, my family, our travels, our music…anything that I felt could benefit from just a […]
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Idaho’s Natural Backdrop Wins.

Podunk has been living large! Thank God someone can see fit to actually sit down and write. Thank you, dear Ilona!

Podunk — Too Complex for Pundits

My hometown of Podunk has been in the news lately. We made two Top 10 lists — one for Idaho’s #2 in the most beautiful, charming small town contest, and one for being Numero Uno in the Most Redneck Town in Idaho race. Frankly, if you know much about Idaho, the latter prize is the […]
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