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Editor’s note: Podunk frequently solicits guest blogs, but rarely do I get takers. So please join me as we warmly welcome the Fixer, who shares his harrowing eye witness account of … stuff. Gentle and especially loyal readers may remember the Fixer from the Argentina Adventure Episode 11. During May and June this year, Mother […]
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Pedal Driven

The training continues for the Lost Riders of Discovery Hill. There’s only 2 weeks before Salmon’s 12 Hours of Disco endurance mountain bike race so my team is hot on the training trail. This is not us: On Friday, 3 of the 4 of us even went to go see some mountain bike movies with […]
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Rising to the Disco Challenge

When my best friend suggested we enter a sanctioned mountain bike race, I was a tad on the reluctant side. There were a lot of flaws in her scheme starting with we are not mountain bike racers. The race — 12 Hours of Disco — indicated to me that we would have to ride our […]
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