The Argentina Adventure— Episode 4

If you are new to the Argentina Adventure, oddly enough, it begins with Episode 3.

From San Carlos de Bariloche, we headed north for the guided fishing part of our excursion in Junín de lis Andes. With our intrepid guide Gustavo, we fished the Malleo River at the foot of Lanín Volcano in Lanín National Park.

Lanín Volcano
The Chef in his aquatic element.

The next day, we floated with Gustavo on el río Collón Curá. The only care in the world I had was trying to fly fish in the Patagonia wind. Hot mess, by the way, can be translated in Spanish to “fárrago caliente.”

El Río Chollon Cura
Even the fish is happy in this picture.

We had this great expanse of Patagonia to ourselves, never coming within 50 feet (approximately nobody knows how many meters) of other humans (besides Gustavo, who scorned the United States for its overreaction to the Coronavirus).

After Junín, we hit the backroads to el Bolsón, south of Bariloche, via Lake Meliquina. We stopped into a little shop to discover handmade artisan chocolates, smoked trout, and locally brewed beer. A few washboarded miles (this equates to approximately nobody knows how many kilometers) down the dirt road, we hiked up the Caleufu River, and found the most mesmerizing scenery.

Pozones del Caleufú.

When we return to Argentina, we’ll stay in this area without question. The washboarded road keeps out the riffraff but not the podunks. Perfecto!

March 12, Day 7 of our Argentina Adventure, was a dream.

Traffic is light.

But before we start making plans to return, we’ve got to find a way to leave. Stay tuned for Episode 5.

4 thoughts on “The Argentina Adventure— Episode 4

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  2. Good to see that you two still have your priorities straight. I also firmly believe that fishing a foreign country is an excellent idea.

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