The Argentina Adventure – Episode 3

First, gentle reader, thank you for your concern about our well-being. The Chef and I are fine, to skip right to the punchline.

And now I’ll tell you a little tale. In Episode 1, we started the trip.

In this episode, I was planning to focus on my ineptness at the metric system…but let’s return to that another time, shall we?

On March 5, 2020, the Iron Chef and I arrived in an incredibly vibrant Buenos Aires. I puzzled over whether the 80 degree weather demanded a cold crisp torrontes or whether Malbec was always appropriate.

We flew the next day to Bariloche, the bustling hub of the Patagonia region. The number and quality of breweries enchanted Chef. While we waited for a 10:30 pm table at this amazing restaurant Alto el Fuego, we waited patiently in their wine cave.

The steaks could be cut with a spoon, the eggplant was other worldly, the mousse worth the additional calorie blast. It’s our 25th anniversary trip, and we discussed how rare it is in life to have everything exceed one’s expectations.

While our friends in the States were trying to define social distancing, I was enjoying Chef’s reaction to man kisses.

We spent one late morning at the Bariloche marketing pursuit of the ultimate maté setup for Chef, who can turn anything into a relentless pursuit of gear.

Of course that’s a custom bombilla shaped like a guitar.

So, in the first few days of our trip, we could not believe our good fortune.

Because iPhone is not my native language, and using mobile WordPress is clunky for me, I’m posting in little bites.

Up next , Episode 4.

2 thoughts on “The Argentina Adventure – Episode 3

  1. Your readers are glad to know you’re well, and we appreciate some lovely pictures and enchanting tales from those not confined to their living rooms.

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