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The Argentina Adventure— Bonus episode

The Argentina Adventure— Lucky Episode 13

On Wednesday, March 25, we decided to chance an outing to the market. We hadn’t left the inn since we got here on Sunday. We needed the fresh air and a few vegetables aside from the green olives and pickled eggplant might cheer us, we thought. We got two blocks away before the popo stopped […]
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The Argentina Adventure—Episode 12

Chef and I knew that in the next few days before our scheduled March 26 flight, a lot could change. And like everyone else on the planet, we were trying to salvage our sanity. We were isolated and in the wrong hemisphere, but we had each other, and now a hotel and bar to run! […]
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The Argentina Adventure—Episode 10

The Neuquén police officer and I we’re having a hard time. Chef thought my body language and tone of voice were exacerbating the situation, so I offered an alternative solution. I am quite adept at reading and writing in Spanish even if my verbal skills were diminishing by the minute. “Let’s just write notes to […]
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The Argentina Adventure – Episode 3

First, gentle reader, thank you for your concern about our well-being. The Chef and I are fine, to skip right to the punchline. And now I’ll tell you a little tale. In Episode 1, we started the trip. In this episode, I was planning to focus on my ineptness at the metric system…but let’s return […]
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