Perfect pitch

There is a reasonable explanation as to why I watched the movie “Pitch Perfect” twice within 48 hrs over the holiday break.

The first showing was personal. My 15 year old daughter, Her Royal Highness, received the video as a gift and I’ll admit that on showing number 1 I felt a sentimental attachment to references to The Breakfast Club, and most especially, a desire to recruit Pitch’s Fat Amy as defense woman for the Cold Muthas hockey team.

Showing 2 was purely a grudge Match to prove to my own mutha, the Notorious Babs, that going to see the newly released Lincoln with the whole fam, including HRH and her younger brother the Odd Number, was the intellectual equivalent of bringing French bread to a Paleo party.

The next cold mutha?

The next cold mutha?

Let's go see Lincoln.

Let’s go see Lincoln.

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