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My Main Man — Mister Rogers

I have to thank my friend and fellow Cold Mutha BB for forwarding me this remix tribute to one of my heroes and secret dead crushes — Mister Rogers.

Fred Rogers The Host Of The Children's Television Series Mr Rogers' Neig  Mister Rogers is so cool, people spell out M-I-S-T-E-R.

The video reminded me that the only person who had higher standing on my crush list was Daniel Striped Tiger from the Land of Make Believe. Daniel Striped Tiger was so elusive and shy, such a man of mystery.


As I re-visit this photo of Daniel S. Tiger, I’m struck by how much he looks like a stuffed animal, and not a real tiger at all. Mister Rogers really did grow ideas in the garden of my mind.

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3 thoughts on “My Main Man — Mister Rogers

  1. Melanie Parker on said:

    What about Mr. Green jeans?

  2. I have to admit that everything about Captain Kangaroo creeped me out. I stand by that.

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