Winter 2014: I Peaked Early

The Podunks just so happened to be in Mexico admiring the Caribbean Sea when Podunk the town’s first winter deep freeze occurred. That was week 2 of November and I felt smug. But smug doesn’t last, and now that I am on holiday in Calgary, I see that the warm memories of the Yucatan are destined to be covered up by my form flattering insulated Carhartts for the rest of winter.
Her Royal Highness and I left for Canadia at the crack of 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, foregoing proper digestion in favor of puck chasing. We were greeted with a proper trans-Siberian squall.


I don’t know what it means in English, but the Celsius version of weather here is – 22 degrees. Which is complete and utter horseshit. To add insult to injury, HRH’s hockey team played Mexico this afternoon. As in Mexico. As in, next time team Mexico, how’s about we give you home court advantage?

Does anyone have a remedy for scurvy symptoms brought on by chelada withdrawal?

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