Coal in My Stocking

It may come as no surprise to loyal, or even accidental, Podunk readers that I have received coal in my stocking on more than one occasion. Carrying on about Osama bin Santa most likely did not help my case. So all in all, I consider it an upgrade that I’m now receiving gifts like this:

Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery

Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery

The good news is, there is a literary explanation:

2013-12-19 21.48.04

Ralph Steadman, it turns out, is Flying Dog’s illustrator and a former comrade of Hunter S Thompson.

Insulting, without a doubt. Better than coal, without question.

2 thoughts on “Coal in My Stocking

  1. For this you might even get the carrier panel art!
    I also have good source of nice anthracite just in case, remember coal is the same stuff as diamonds!

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