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Podunk in Texas

I can’t explain why I get stuck in places, but I do. I am currently, for instance, stuck in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport area, which is a little on the urban side for my comfort level. The advantage of being in an urban metropolis is transportation options abound. My new best friends are Lyft drivers […]
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Mistaken Identity

The Iron Chef and I recently put another notch in our collective gluttony belts. I have a new job with the U.S. Forest Service, thank you very much, and I was sent to Bend, Oregon for a workshop. I invited the Chef a) because I’m an awesome wife, and b) Bend is the beer playground […]
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Coal in My Stocking

It may come as no surprise to loyal, or even accidental, Podunk readers that I have received coal in my stocking on more than one occasion. Carrying on about Osama bin Santa most likely did not help my case. So all in all, I consider it an upgrade that I’m now receiving gifts like this: […]
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