Distracted from the CDT — Again

I want to be writing about the awesome Continental Divide Trail, but between a twisted hail storm beating the crap out of my home and garden and having 2 teenagers, I keep getting distracted. Maybe we’ll talk about the hail storm later, but for now — share my terror.
Her Royal Highness just gave Odd Number driving lessons.
Ty driving This is truly terrifying. When HRH first started driving, I shared some of my angst with you all. But I had to stop writing about it because it was giving me a nervous condition. Put it simply, HRH does not have a knack for this driving shit. In other parts of her life, she seems coordinated and fairly bright. Not so behind the wheel. I have let friends and bystanders know that if they see our car, they should follow the same protocol as encountering an emergency vehicle — pull over to the side of the road and  let the mutha pass.

I admit I had hopes for Odd. He seems interested in safety and caution. He seems respectful of laws, including the law of physics. But when he chose to take a practice run around the block with his sister, my hope started to fade.

Thanks to the frackers, I’ve completely given up on promises of peak oil and world petroleum shortages. It won’t happen in time to help me.

The worst of it … my hairdresser — the woman who knows what color of brunette I  truly should be — just moved.

The Continental Divide Trail is (mostly) non-motorized.

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