Oh Canada — You Are On To Something

I know I’ve had sort of a checkered past where Canada is concerned, but in the past 6 months, I’ve racked up two consecutive trips to The Attic without mishap. I’ve always thought Canadians could improve their national self-image if they would just do something first-rate.
And on my most recent trip to British Columbia, the Canucks were top drawer in two major areas: hockey and coffee.
The hockey may come as no surprise. My daughter, Her Royal Highness, plays on a Montana girls hockey team and to instill humility in these fine young athletes, we drag them across the border and show them how good they could be if they didn’t have the dominant American pop culture to distract them.
But where Canadians are making real strides is in the hotel industry. Our hotel room at Fairmont Hot Springs was not only lovely, but the hospitality gods provided us with two (2) packets of full octane Nabob coffee.
Meanwhile, their American hotelier counterparts are under the impression that at least 50% of us crave a steamy cup o’ decaf. Nobody wants decaffeinated coffee, and if they do, they should have to make a special request of the hotel staff, in a quiet voice, like when you’ve forgotten your deodorant.
I agree that the brand name of Nabob is a bit questionable. But if we were to look up the meaning, I’m sure it’s First Nation for spunky or zippy or…wait a minute…. “decaf for dumb Americans who think they are drinking full octane!”

Next time you’re mine, Canada!

3 thoughts on “Oh Canada — You Are On To Something

  1. You won’t believe this, but just last week, while visiting the capital of the Gem State, I awoke to nothing but decaf packets. With your words fresh in my mind, I accousted the front desk clerk who had coffee sent to me promptly. But when I returned to my room that evening, I found that even more decaf had been added by the maids! I’m sure the hotel staff is still laughing……

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