Police Blotter

From the July 5 Recorder Herald:

A 19-year-old woman called to report that her mother is texting her with threats of swatting her.

Woman said a person entered her driveway in a silver Toyota car with an Idaho plate with 1A on it. The person was naked and told her the police had taken all his clothes and all he had was a bra and panties to wear. When the mailman interceded he said he was just going to Salmon.

Woman reported her sprinkler system won’t shut off and she didn’t think she could get it turned off.

Man reported two dogs running loose and said the dogs were aggressive. He also said his cat had been missing for a little while now.

One thought on “Police Blotter

  1. Wowsers! These are the most ludicrous yet! It looks like a Podunk-wide heat stroke delirium has set in!

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