Police Blotter

From the April 19, 2012 Salmon Recorder Herald

– Woman reported a large dark colored dog with a white face that was outside her fence causing her dogs to bark.

– Woman said that she was following a large moving van all over the road and she thought it could be the wind but she was not sure. She said she would continue to follow him and if it got worse she would call 911 again. The truck was headed towards the Mud Lake area on Highway 28.

– Woman said she was driving down Main Street when a silver Toyota Tacoma was driving without headlights on. She flashed them to turn them on and now they were swerving at her and flipping her off.

– Man said that his vehicle was on fire and he needed the fire department. He said he was too scared to open the hood.

3 thoughts on “Police Blotter

  1. Other than adding a make & model, the swerving flipper-offerer could be virtually any citizen of the Gem State. Notifying them that, they too, are driving in an unsafe fashion? The nerve!

  2. I need to get out more: no one has ever flipped me off. One friend suggested that I misunderstood and thought drivers were telling me I was number 1. Another asked if I ever drove on the west side of town; if so, he’d get around to me.

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