Flathead Here We Come Part 1

So apparently taking 2nd out of 2 teams in the Idaho State Girls Hockey tournament was not glory enough for the Salmon Lady Rapids, so last weekend we entered the Montana State Girls Hockey tournament in Whitefish, MT. Now the  last time I was fool enough to agree to chauffeur such an event, I found out the hard way just exactly where Miles City is. For those of you who thought I was a big baby about traveling across the desert designated for the Idaho National Lab in southeast Idaho (Remote Possibilities), you should have seen me pull off to the side of Interstate 94 just that side of Billings and bawl when I found out I was taking an 11-year-old on a transcontinental journey.

Now venturing along Flathead Lake is another story entirely.

Ooh la la!

Whitefish is nothing to sneeze at either. Although the community of 8,000 has been seriously compromised by shi-shi-la-la (not to be confused with ooh la la), the podunks were able to sniff out a few absolute finds.

Because one of the finds was so incredibly rich, I’ve resorted to serializing this piece. For now, I leave you with my top Whitefish dining pick…

Piggy Back Barbeque

Piggy Back Barbeque

Iron Chef and I found The Piggyback Barbeque to live up to the company slogan “…cause it’s good!!” Our 12-year-old adolescent male companions (brothers of the Salmon Lady Rapids) gave ravenously high marks to the fried dill pickles, and the hog wings doused in Carolina sauce got even better when we spotted this out the back window …

Smoke 'em if you got'em

Miles City this was not.

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