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Flathead Here We Come Part 3

The stated motivation of our trip to Whitefish was to finish the Salmon Lady Rapids’ hockey season with a win at the Montana State Girls 19 & Under Tournament. While Idaho has an innovative semiconductor industry, Montana has a much more developed girls’ hockey program. They actually have enough teams to divide into an A […]
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Flathead Here We Come Part Dos

There’s plenty to like about Whitefish, Montana, even if you are dedicated to watching the Montana State Girls Hockey Tournament and not to going skiing at Big Mountain, snowshoeing or nordic skiing. For instance, there’s the Pin & Cue Bowling Alley where for $15 your kids can bowl and eat as much pizza as they […]
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Flathead Here We Come Part 1

So apparently taking 2nd out of 2 teams in the Idaho State Girls Hockey tournament was not glory enough for the Salmon Lady Rapids, so last weekend we entered the Montana State Girls Hockey tournament in Whitefish, MT. Now theĀ  last time I was fool enough to agree to chauffeur such an event, I found […]
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