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Podunk in Texas

I can’t explain why I get stuck in places, but I do. I am currently, for instance, stuck in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport area, which is a little on the urban side for my comfort level. The advantage of being in an urban metropolis is transportation options abound. My new best friends are Lyft drivers […]
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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 15 1/2

Ok, now that we’re back in North America and making our way back home, someone has some splaining to do. We haven’t even been gone for 3 weeks, and a few things seem off. First, who was supposed to be feeding and watering the stock market? Not cool! Second, someone shrunk the wine bottles. This […]
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Nice Surprises

I am a sucker for nice surprises, like Sting making a cameo appearance at the Grateful Dead’s 1993 Vegas show, or Iron Chef giving me fancy chocolate when it’s not my birthday or anniversary … Or finding out that Garden City, Idaho is the somewhat unlikely home to some amazing wine tasting. Garden City has […]
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