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Meet the Cyborgs

I spent the last week of September with my parents — the Notorious Babs and Big L — in Sun Valley. These avid world travelers nabbed a condo for a week in one of our family’s special places and I shimmied over the Trail Creek Road, a unique portal that connects Central Idaho with shi-shi-la-la […]
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Podunk on Money

Her Royal Highness and I were in relatively nearby Sun Valley recently. “I feel like Podunk could be as cool as Sun Valley if we had, like, lots of money,” she observed. I told her I thought so too. And that if we had, like, lots of money, I would have better hair.

Sports Injuries

Last weekend, the Podunks split up — I took Her Royal Highness to a hockey tournament in Bozeman, and the Iron Chef took Odd Number to a hockey tournament in Sun Valley. It sounds glamorous, I know. Aside from the mega freeze in Bozeman that turned my hockey touring car’s battery into a useless rectangle, […]
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