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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 15

We arrived in Miami after the 10 pm curfew, so hungry dreams of Cuban takeout turned into a hotel convenience store Lean Cuisine, and a faceplant into the soft American bed. Chef had found us a way to get back to Bozeman Saturday night but it meant an early start. I was too tired to […]
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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 14

Normally I would be worried that my airline didn’t have a computer…. … but today, I’m good with it. Well, gentle reader, Podunk is about to get on an airplane with a few hundred hangry, tired fellow travelers. Chances for peanuts and the international beverage cart seem slim, but I’m grateful nonetheless! Thanks for all […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Lucky Episode 13

On Wednesday, March 25, we decided to chance an outing to the market. We hadn’t left the inn since we got here on Sunday. We needed the fresh air and a few vegetables aside from the green olives and pickled eggplant might cheer us, we thought. We got two blocks away before the popo stopped […]
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