The Argentina Adventure — Episode 14

Normally I would be worried that my airline didn’t have a computer….

… but today, I’m good with it.

Let’s see, which one is our flight?
Make sure not to confuse our departure with the arrivals.

Well, gentle reader, Podunk is about to get on an airplane with a few hundred hangry, tired fellow travelers. Chances for peanuts and the international beverage cart seem slim, but I’m grateful nonetheless! Thanks for all the support.

I’ll be in Miami for at least 24 hours so anything could happen in Episode 15!

8 thoughts on “The Argentina Adventure — Episode 14

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing adventure with all of us. Little, quiet, isolated, familiar Salmon is going to look pretty darn good, I’ll bet! But if you ever start to feel confined or bored here, you will have a lifetime of adventure to draw from by this trip alone!
    Best wishes on the rest of your trip!!

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