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The Argentina Adventure — Episode 16

Flying across the country yesterday was an eerie experience. I have no idea how we got so lucky, but we ended up in Bozeman, Montana, pretty much on time. Keep in mind, our route took us from Miami at 7 am to Newark back to Orlando to Denver and finally Bozeman at 9:30 pm. And […]
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Sports Injuries

Last weekend, the Podunks split up — I took Her Royal Highness to a hockey tournament in Bozeman, and the Iron Chef took Odd Number to a hockey tournament in Sun Valley. It sounds glamorous, I know. Aside from the mega freeze in Bozeman that turned my hockey touring car’s battery into a useless rectangle, […]
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Warming Up at the Ice Rink

Yeah I know — hockey doesn’t conjure visions of warmth. But this is seriously messed up. My loyal and faithless readers (hey mom and dad!) will think I am making this up, but it finally warmed up to single digits below zero Fahrenheit here in Bozeman, Montana. As Her Royal Highness and I drove to […]
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