My sidekick Lucy and I used to be obsessed with agent Sydney Bristow in Alias. Sydney would have these impossibly difficult assignments, sometimes get a little bit tortured, like having her teeth pulled without the nice laughing gas. No matter what, she would still have to show up to class, or her job at the bank, the next morning.

If agent Sydney Bristow can handle tough re-entries, so can I.

Chef and I returned home a week ago on Sunday, and had to start our new life as teleworkers on Monday morning. I simply do not know how agent Sydney Bristow did it.

Together in quarantine again! In Argentina, we were quarantined because we were Americans; in the U.S., we are quarantined because we were in Argentina. This is what we call a Catch-22.

But, the break from the adrenaline rush of leaving Argentina has been sort of nice. For you, too, I imagine. Turns out, you were right, shit is weird here, too.

Here are a few items that made crazy times a little more bearable.

Norah Jones and Jack Johnson are to music, what mashed potatoes are to your dinner plate — pure comfort.
Brene Brown’s new podcast got me from Buenos Aires to Miami.
If you haven’t yet made it to Dolly Parton’s America, get on the bus now. This podcast is certified free of coronavirus.

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