No Worries, I’m Researching so Then I Can Write

Some of you are worried that I don’t write enough. And to be clear, it’s not that you are clamoring for more; it’s that you think I’m lazy. The work of a writer — the real behind the scenes work — is often unseen and unappreciated. The reader is looking for product, not process… and I get that.

But I’d like us to journey together to the research side of things. I know I’ve mentioned one of my blogging heroes, Jenny the Bloggess. Today, the Bloggess helped me think about my nearly non-existent relationship with cats (aside from my experience with Tom, my brother’s black cat that lived to be 100, and my cat Jerry, the beautiful Siamese eaten by coyotes).

tumblr_nc64vhK7Vv1tlnaoto1_1280In what she titles, This Cat Fails At All Levels, the Bloggess teaches me the important lessons of a) photos. If people still used 1,000 words, a picture would be worth all of them. Maybe now they are only worth 100 because people text too much and they don’t have as many words available to them. And b) Too much is never enough. If you think you are being funny, you should just carry on and on, because really, that’s all that matters and you can pretend to be someone else and comment on your own posts and make it seem like other people think you are funny, too.

And if that research journey wasn’t enough for you, go ahead and read the whole damned thing at

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