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More Tips on Sponsorship

My friend Mary is breaking out of Podunk for a few days and heading for civilization. Civilization including a Whole Foods market, no less. She’s preparing for the journey by reading girl genius Kelly Maclean’s account of her most recent trip to the green grocer.

whole-foods-logoAs I continue my quest to find a sponsor for Podunk Meets Paradise LLC, I can’t help but admire those bloggers who have given up on selling out.

Gentle readers, most especially my mother the Notorious Babs, there is a wee bit of off-color language in Ms. Maclean’s account so do not read aloud to toddlers or Grandma Ruby.




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2 thoughts on “More Tips on Sponsorship

  1. Lurlynn Lumpkin on said:

    So glad you saw this article too. Ms Maclean had me at the first line! And if Whole Foods does start sponsoring PMP LLC, I’ll become a dedicated customer.

    (PS — Typing that out loud now makes me think of you as Pimp LLC, and I bloody love it!)

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