More Tips on Sponsorship

My friend Mary is breaking out of Podunk for a few days and heading for civilization. Civilization including a Whole Foods market, no less. She’s preparing for the journey by reading girl genius Kelly Maclean’s account of her most recent trip to the green grocer.

whole-foods-logoAs I continue my quest to find a sponsor for Podunk Meets Paradise LLC, I can’t help but admire those bloggers who have given up on selling out.

Gentle readers, most especially my mother the Notorious Babs, there is a wee bit of off-color language in Ms. Maclean’s account so do not read aloud to toddlers or Grandma Ruby.



2 thoughts on “More Tips on Sponsorship

  1. So glad you saw this article too. Ms Maclean had me at the first line! And if Whole Foods does start sponsoring PMP LLC, I’ll become a dedicated customer.

    (PS — Typing that out loud now makes me think of you as Pimp LLC, and I bloody love it!)

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