GGW: the British Columbian Edition

I belong to a club of badly behaved women — the GGW. There are about 12 of us and counting and sometimes we make big group road trips and sometimes we form splinter groups of mini-GGWs.

Currently, a mini-GGW with members FishHead and Blondie has invaded Canada. Even though I am somewhat frightened by the passive aggressiveness of Canadians, I can’t help but be green with envy.
This text that woke me up at midnight didn’t help matters. Like some kind of beat poet from the 60s Blondie wrote:
“Jamesons and fish tacos drunk dialing intentions texting instead we are scamp tramps love the scamper more adventures ahead,”
Love from Smithers,
Blondie and Fish Head
p.s. Say no to showers,
The girls of the broken-compass-guides-us

Damn them and their Irish Catholic whiskey!

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