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The Back to School Edition

Today was Back to School day in Podunk.

Odd Number and Her Royal Highness Head Back to School

I’m a big fan of BTS, especially the inaugural day, for obvious reasons.

1. On the first day, there are no shower wars. For one day and one day only, people in our household recognize that our water heater has a finite capacity and this is respected. Tomorrow will be another day.
2. Her Royal Highness wore pants to school. Her intent is to lull us into complacency and by next week she’ll probably attempt to wear pasties to school, but carpe diem, right?
3. I can release from service the switchboard staff who during the summer months fields calls with the gravity of “Odd Let His Chinchilla Nest in My Sock Drawer,” and “Her Royal Highness Ate All the Greek Yogurt in One (1) Sitting.”
4. I can stay home and eat all the greek yogurt in one sitting.
5. And finally, I’m a big fan of public education. To celebrate this fact, I am treating myself to a re-read of the funniest piece of literature produced in the history of the Universe.
I hope that author Ian Frazier is a product of public education, which would be all the more reason to celebrate it, but frankly I don’t care if he was tutored by royal Chimpanzees.
Enjoy Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy.

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4 thoughts on “The Back to School Edition

  1. Mercy sakes alive! I did it again: I read Shouts and Murmurs in the public library. Last time it was David Sedaris going to the dentist in Paris. As I left I asked the librarian at the reference desk about a special area for people reading the New Yorker. The same librarian is at the desk today. I told my name last time; I think I just saw her write it down. My heavens!

    • Can you believe the Podunk Public Library also features the subversive New Yorker? I checked to see if they have a sound proof room specifically designed for the reading of Shouts and Murmurs and they pointed me to the basement.

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