Flathead in the Rearview Mirror — On To the Bitterroot

It seems that 4 times/year, the Bitter Root Brewing Company lets their mighty chef Dan out of his cage to create out of this world food pairings for the brewery’s mighty fine beers. As you know, Salmonites consider themselves to be extreme southwestern Montana residents whenever it suits us. Such as, when we find out that these special dinners have been going on behind our backs! Needless to say, Tim and Jason from the Bitter Root did not want an angry mob on their hands so they accommodated a special dinner for the Idahoans on Sunday, Feb 26.

Fortunately, the Iron Chef and I were heading south from Whitefish, and after a quick check-in on the Tamarack Brewery in Lakeside, MT (Old Stache Whiskey Barrel Porter…yum)…

we were delighted to meet up with 15 or so of Salmon’s finest for this special dinner.

I won’t try to act like I have the power to give out Michelin stars. All I’m going to say is Head Chef Dan put on a 5-course meal, including this habanero relish/beet-pancetta hash/orange goat cheese MARSHMALLOW item:

paired nicely with Bitter Root’s porter.

And then, all you really need to know about dessert is that Dan painted the plate with pistachio butter and drizzled single hop ganache around what happened to be toasted barley pudding and cherry compote …

The brew — the Red Dread Imperial Ale, a dessert in its own right.

The moral of this story is call the Bitter Root, find out when the next Brew Dinner is, and sign up immediately.

3 thoughts on “Flathead in the Rearview Mirror — On To the Bitterroot

  1. Right on! Good food deserves good beer. Wine? Who needs it.

    Desert of a marshmallow and a schmear across the plate for dessert sounds very… sensible.


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