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What Now?

We dropped Odd Number off at Boise State University last week, initiating a new era in family life. So far, that era is distinguished by the number of times people have asked us about ENS, or Empty Nest Syndrome.  Nothing that ends with Syndrome is ever good, so naturally I’m resistant to the phrase. If […]
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Rainy Day Activities For Bored Kids!!! By Daddy Drinks!

Originally posted on Daddy Drinks:
If you Google, “rainy day activities for kids” you’ll get a ton of suggestions from Pinterest Parents like, “design your own cooperative learning board game!” Or “build your own theater stage and puppets using only up-cycled materials!” Or my favorite, “make your own paper!” Fuck you Pinterest. I don’t want…

I Got 99 Problems…

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So I’m wrestling two ridiculous problems right now. I have my share of normal problems like deadlines and a conspicuous lack of funds in my bank account and a piss-poor mile PR and absolutely nothing to cook for dinner that my kids will eat, but the two problems that are…