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Police Blotter

From the May 10, 2012 Salmon Recorder Herald….

Woman reported a large unknown type of animal (dispatch thought it sounded lick (sp) a rock chuck) confronted her as she was attempting to enter her vehicle. Woman ran back to her house and the animal chased her and then ran under her house. She said the creature chirped at her.

[Editor’s note: When I went to college in the oh-so-sophisticated city of Spokane, Washington, I found out that the species I knew to be rock chuck and whistle pig had other more formal names (please see my earlier scientific journal log about whistle pigs). A rock chuck is also known as a yellow-bellied marmot …

Photo by Wanda Bates

and I’ve never known one to attack a human. Or maybe most humans are too prideful to admit that they’ve been chased into their house by a rock chuck.]

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