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The Stench

Hockey season is firmly underway. I am in Idaho Falls with Her Royal Highness and some other hockey chickies. The girls are doing Podunk proud on the ice. But I am concerned that our Priority Club Hotel will charge us extra thanks to the odor from HRH’s hockey bag that have permeated our formerly lovely […]
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Glamping in Ririe

Every now and then our orthodontist, who makes monthly visits to Podunk, requires instead that we travel to Idaho Falls for Odd Number’s 15-minute appointment (no doubt at the nudging of Exxon Corp). Idaho Falls, as you may remember, is a 300-mile round trip that I make only when I have to, which is too […]
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Tasters Choice

When a child asks you to taste something, it’s never good. Never. If he or she is eating something delicious, they don’t care if you try some; in fact, they would prefer that you did not. I know these things. Still, when the Odd Number required that we go to his favorite Chinese buffet in […]
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