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Podunk Goes Multimedia

I talked some friends into letting me be a guest podcaster for their new OutLandIsh series. I’ve listened to podcasts and they sometimes sound like journalism, a sport that I like. I will say that if you had told me when I was in college that radio journalism was going to be the thing, I would have made a snorting noise or maybe even actually snorted. We all had a crush on Edward R. Murrow, but really, radio?

outlandish_dark400aBut it is a thing, and my OutLandIsh friends were killing it. And they were gracious enough to let me give it a whirl. Liz gave me a walkie talkie-looking contraption and in May I scampered down to New Mexico to check out the part of the Continental Divide Trail that wasn’t under 6 feet of snow. I got some great interviews, and I was pretty excited to be branching out into a new medium.

Then the pain and suffering began. The process to get the audio recording from my walkie-talkie into the sound editing program required uploading the audio to “The Creative Cloud.” I now think of the Creative Cloud as more of a Creative Mirage, whereby you think you uploaded your audio but when you try to show it to someone else, they put their hand on your head like you have a fever. The Creative Cloud is Satan.

menacing cloud

What the Creative Cloud looks like while it is digesting your podcast.

My friend Rachel had clearly lost a bet in a drinking game and was assigned to be my editor. I called her on a Sunday morning, waking her with a salute of “This F—ing Sucks!” She tried to soothe me. “This work is really demoralizing. I can tell you that your experience is normal, at least as far as I can tell.” I was not soothed.

After several seances, calling on the mercy of the spirit world, the Creative Cloud and Satan finally belched up my podcast. I think I’ll stick to good ol’ pen and paper, thank you very much, but you’re welcome to listen to the devil’s work if you like.


CDT Travels

Her Royal Highness hiked with me, and I think she liked it.

I’ve been accused — falsely — of being obsessed with the Continental Divide Trail. The truth is, the Trail might be obsessed with me because it beckons me all the time. Perched smugly on the spiny back of the Beaverheads, the hint of trail there is one of the first things I imagine to see every morning.

So when Lucy, mini-Lucy, HRH and I hiked a CDT section going north from Bannack Pass recently, I was thrilled.

And HRH, assisted by legs a full foot longer than anyone else in the group, hiked cheerfully along. We saw a young elk in velvet, a dazzling array of wildflowers, expansive vistas, and really, really old trees.

In my giddiness, I pushed my luck.

“You like this, don’t you?” I prompted.

HRH takes on granddad Doug Fir

HRH takes on granddad Doug Fir

“Yeah, I guess. It would be better, you know, if we were hiking to something cool, like a lake or something.”

But she didn’t say mall. She might have thought mall, but she didn’t say mall. Note to self: find lake.

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