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He said cerveza, she said vino

Podunk here checking in from Argentina. Chef and I arrived here March 5th, and the place has blown my mind. I don’t ask for much in a vacation– good food and drink, some scenery, a little movement, and lots of R&R. Argentina has delivered in spades. Especially once we got into the countryside. Podunk indeed […]
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Podunk Goes Multimedia

I talked some friends into letting me be a guest podcaster for their new OutLandIsh series. I’ve listened to podcasts and they sometimes sound like journalism, a sport that I like. I will say that if you had told me when I was in college that radio journalism was going to be the thing, I […]
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CDT Travels

Her Royal Highness hiked with me, and I think she liked it. I’ve been accused — falsely — of being obsessed with the Continental Divide Trail. The truth is, the Trail might be obsessed with me because it beckons me all the time. Perched smugly on the spiny back of the Beaverheads, the hint of […]
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