The Goose That Laid the Golden…Egg

Some people say cancer is a gift. If you know people like that, I would personally not accept any presents from them. However, I did discover recently that cancer can open a door every now and then.

I, for instance, just found a pretty amazing side hustle thanks to a service ( that pairs me up with clinical trials. I made the cut for a New York University School of Medicine study checking out the microbiomes in various populations, including those who have had cancer. [Microbiome is the whole mess of microorganisms that live on us and in us. They are all the rage, in case you did not know that.] Not only do I believe in science, but the researchers also dangled a $25 gift card in exchange for some spit and, yep, a little bit of dookey.

Image result for dookey

I was skeptical myself, but a couple of weeks after I sent off my sullied test tubes, I get a MasterCard in the mail. No shit.

The potential here is pretty overwhelming. It’s a renewable resource. It contributes to the greater good (I think, unless I accidentally sent my spit and poo to the Russians who are trying to create a contagious form of cancer to put into fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt cups). I am literally sitting on a gold mine.

I am having trouble deciding how to invest this $25 windfall. Any bright ideas out there?

11 thoughts on “The Goose That Laid the Golden…Egg

  1. Wonderful… vulnerability and love … 25 bucks can buy a lot of psilocybin 😳 Check out Tim Ferris’s podcast with Paul Staments and a few others around that time really great Cell 208-731-1845

    “To the mind that is still, the whole universe is available” Lao Tzu


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