Avatars in Podunk

I’m writing a post as a pre-emptive strike to the inevitable New Year’s Resolution regarding writing more. And although it will seem like this is a sponsored post, still no sponsors.

That being said, my Podunk friends and I have discovered the world of avatars through the wonder of Bitmoji. I don’t believe avatars were invented when I was a little girl, so my fascination with this phenomenon comes a bit late. Which may explain the slightly obsessive nature of my relationship with Bitmoji.

This is an example of my Bitmoji avatar:


The Bitmoji app lets you pick your facial features, body type, and wardrobe. I now spend more time on my avatar’s wardrobe than I do on my own, real-life person dress.


I now have access to fashion designers that were previously unknown in Podunk.

My friends and I amuse ourselves for at least minutes each day sending each other avatar-like text messages. We think we are hilarious.


But some people try to ruin my joy. Odd Number, for example, grabbed my phone and added lines to my face. Others have questioned my avatar’s breast size.

Maybe I’m confused about what an avatar is.


OK, I didn’t actually know that the first thing that should have popped to mind was the incarnation of a Hindu deity, but still, #4 rings true. It’s not supposed to be my driver’s license photo, for Pete’s sake, and I don’t need extra lines on my face.

And I might even dress my avatar inappropriately for New Year’s Eve. I know I need snowboots and long johns. She thinks this is OK.


I like the new me. And she even thought to wear mittens. Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Avatars in Podunk

  1. She looks so much like you that I think you could have your avatar as your driver’s license photo. Let me know what the Podunk County Courthouse says.

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