Some New Ideas for Saving Daylight

time-change-daylight-saving-time-standard-time-vector-illustration-clock-switch-to-summer-return-to-33984121Springing forward into Daylight Savings Time is about as popular as a doctor’s prescription for a regular colonoscopy. We all felt the effects of it today, Monday, as though Monday isn’t fraught with enough of its own perils. The truth is, Daylight Savings Time is a notion well past its prime. Reportedly started as a way to save precious fuel oil during World War I, this top-down approach to hour management is so last century. And we’re all falling for it.

Consider the alternative. In a crowd sourcing, sharing economy, new power kind of world, do we really need the Man telling us all to move our clocks ahead by an hour? What if we could timebank that extra hour as individuals and wait for the appropriate moment to use it? Say, the 4th interminable inning of a T-ball game. Spring forward — game over. Or what if you are riding the middle seat of a fully booked airplane, next to someone with steroid quality B.O?  Spring forward, and eliminate 60 minutes of misery from your life.

This individualistic option would certainly be appropriate for the ceremonial end of Daylight Savings Time, otherwise known as Fall Back. There are some times better than others to turn the clock back an hour, and my guess is this moment does not strike us all at the same time. Late for your own performance evaluation? Fall back, baby, you’re fine. Need an extra hour for your ACT? Not a problem.

Daylight Savings Time and its kin are oppressors. Seize your own Spring Forward and fight the power.

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