Hoot Owl Fishing

I made a mistake. Actually two mistakes that compounded into one humiliation. Earlier this summer, when Odd Number expressed his desire to catch the largest Tiger Trout on record in Idaho, I had to burst his bubble by informing him there was no such thing, so he might as well go on a trophy snipe hunt. Then, Odd presented me with this image:

Tiger Trout

Tiger trout is a sterile hybrid between a brook trout and a brown trout.

I stood corrected. Idaho Fish and Game stocked some of our area waters with these funky looking fish so they can munch on non-native fish. What do I know? So, you can imagine my confusion when I heard about the hoot owl fishing restrictions over in Montana’s Big Hole Valley. The Big Hole is having drought issues and their river temps are rising. I wasn’t sure why the hoot owl fishing was the only thing being restricted, so that’s when I made my second mistake. I asked Iron Chef. Unfortunately for me, a hoot owl fishing restriction does not mean you can’t angle for hoot owl fish, but rather you can’t fish between 2 p.m. and midnight. And now he’s sending me this photo:

Iron Chef's idea of funny.

Iron Chef’s idea of funny.

I hope a tiger trout takes out that freaky thing like a crazed piranha. I really do.

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