Unexpected House Guests

Back in the day, Iron Chef and I would come home from parties and wake up in the morning to find firefighters and other wayward vagrants sleeping on our couch, floor, car seat, etc. Things are different now. We like to get to bed at a reasonable hour, maybe watch a taped Lawrence Welk or two. And the kids have sleepovers, not us. It’s better this way.

We attended a fun holiday party last night. Because we are mature, the party had a charitable purpose complete with live auction (and the charitable cause was not just “more beer,” smart alec). So instead of waking up to a houseful of hungover firefighters, I woke up to this guy smoking a cigarette in my living room…

IMG_4290Rumor has it we bought a bronze cowboy. Damn, I miss those firefighters.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected House Guests

  1. Sorry I missed it, love cowboys and you mighta had competition! And you know, cowboys are always dusty so don’t mess with a good thing…

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