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The Argentina Adventure—Episode 10

The Neuquén police officer and I we’re having a hard time. Chef thought my body language and tone of voice were exacerbating the situation, so I offered an alternative solution. I am quite adept at reading and writing in Spanish even if my verbal skills were diminishing by the minute. “Let’s just write notes to […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Episode 9

The journey to Neuquén from el Bolsón will forever be etched in my mind. Our home of Salmon, Idaho, is ultra remote, so a 6-hour drive is no big thing for us. We were glad to be traveling with sleeping bags and a tent, we had a box of groceries and beverages (yes, by now […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Episode 8

On March 20, Day 16 of our Argentina Adventure, Argentina’s president told everyone to stay home until March 31. The IS Embassy sent us a note advising us in diplomatic terms to get the f*%#! out of here, which sounded like an excellent option except all domestic flights had been canceled and Patagonia is a […]
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