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The Argentina Adventure— Episode 8

On March 20, Day 16 of our Argentina Adventure, Argentina’s president told everyone to stay home until March 31. The IS Embassy sent us a note advising us in diplomatic terms to get the f*%#! out of here, which sounded like an excellent option except all domestic flights had been canceled and Patagonia is a […]
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The Argentina Adventure—Episode 7

When we made it back to el Bolsón, the local police invited us to stay longer. We needed to be quarantined until March 19 —14 days after our arrival to Argentina — to show we were symptom free after 2 weeks. That meant one day of staying put in our artistic Air BNB, sleeping in, […]
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The Argentina Adventure— Episode 5

One of the activities I was most looking forward to on this trip was trekking in the el Bolsón area of Patagonia. When we arrived in el Bolsón on March 13, 2020, you could tell the rumors were true — you couldn’t swing a gato here without hitting a brewery. We’d scored an awesome and […]
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