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Mistaken Identity

The Iron Chef and I recently put another notch in our collective gluttony belts. I have a new job with the U.S. Forest Service, thank you very much, and I was sent to Bend, Oregon for a workshop. I invited the Chef a) because I’m an awesome wife, and b) Bend is the beer playground […]
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Podunk Fails Elitist Hipster Test

It’s been a big urban spring for Podunk. I wrote recently about cruising around Seattle, a bona fide urban American city. Just last week, I popped into Boise, a usually friendly urbural sort of place. It was, coincidentally, my birthday. A few friends and I set out to explore some of the obvious goodness Boise […]
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Guest Post — Alabama Shakes, a Professional Review by Jackie the Journalist

Hello Podunk Meets Paradise readers! I’m just an Oregonian visiting the big Capital City for a very special 30th birthday. Due to a few unforseen circumstances I’ve been elected to recount last night’s events, at least from my point of view. Before getting started I will divulge that I am sort of a professional, spending […]
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